How to get there

The Honda Collection Hall is located in central Japan, about 150km north of Tokyo. Surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, it is set on the grounds of the Twin Ring Motegi race track.

Honda Collection Hall Location

Location of the Honda Collection Hall

It takes a bit of an effort to reach the museum as there are no direct connections from Tokyo:

  • The easiest and fastest way to get there is by (rental) car. Allow some two and a half hours to reach Twin Ring Motegi from Tokyo. Keep in mind that Japan has left-hand driving and highway tolls.
  • To reach the museum by public transport you can take the bullet train from Tokyo to Utsunomiya Station (about 1 hour) then a taxi or bus (about 1.5 hours) to Twin Ring Motegi. The bus to the museum is operating on certain days only, so needs some planning in advance.

For more information please have a look at the official Honda Collection Hall website (english).

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    AA January 19, 2016

    Hi! This is AA, from Spain. I’ll be in Japan next week and I want to visit the museum. Will it be open every day? Can you also give me schedule and the prices?

    Many thanks!

  2. Reply
    Aniseed & Jenson January 13, 2016

    We come from TAIWAN.
    We will travel to Tokyo on 22th~29th Jun this year,
    and visit HONDA MUSEUM.

    Can you help us ? How to get HONDA MUSEUM.

    We don’t have license , so We can’t to rent a car ,
    also We don’t have a lot of money to take the taxi.

    Please help us , To visit HONDA MUSEUM are our dream.

    Question1: JR Utsunomiya Station > Mooka station
    We want to take the bus.
    But We can’t find out any information about bus.
    Please you provide bus information to us , thanks.

    Question2: Motegi Station>HONDA MUSEUM

    Also We want to take the bus.
    Please you provide bus information to us , thanks.

    Best Regard

    Aniseed & Jenson (TAIWAN HONDA FANS)

  3. Reply
    Ari nuotio November 26, 2015

    What are the opening hours?, and is it open 365 a year [everyday]?

  4. Reply
    jordens g November 11, 2015

    very nice honda webpage i like this !!

    gerke belgium

    ps; xr 650 r dakar

  5. Reply
    Anthony September 26, 2015

    i saw this

    i would like to know if i can use my rental car to have a Circuit Cruise.

    thank you.

    • Reply
      Honda-Museum September 26, 2015


      you probably want to ask your car rental company 🙂

      as far as I know, most rental companies will not cover insurance on race tracks, but please let us know if you found one which does

      best regards,

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    jason September 12, 2015

    hello , im asking as to the price of the bullet train form Tokyo to Utsunomiya Station if possible please, a group of us will be attending the MotoGp and are having trouble finding the cost for the Bullet train,
    Also what time does the museum close please , was hoping to vidit it while we are there as well
    thankyou in advance

    • Reply
      Honda-Museum October 6, 2015

      Hello Jason,

      we just had a look at the prices:

      regular price from tokyo to utsunomiya is ¥1940

      bullet train is extra fee for that.
      +¥2990 for bullet train (reserved seat)
      +¥2470 for bullet train (unreserved seat)

      best regards,

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    Azfar Arijal September 9, 2015


    My family and i are planning to visit Japan soon,can you guide us how to go the museum, we are from Malaysia and will be arriving at the Haneda airport, fyi we already bought the Japan Rail Pass. How much the ticket for entering the museum for adults and an one year old child?

    • Reply
      Honda-Museum September 9, 2015

      Hello Azfar,

      the ticket for adults is 1000Yen (8$), children up to 15 years get free admission.

      best regards

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    Ms Pauline Ching February 28, 2015

    Dear Sir
    My friends and I (7 of us)are interested to visit Honda Museum next Feb 2016. We are from Singapore.

    Please enlighten us:
    1. How much is taxi fare to Twin Ring Motegi and how long is taxi ride?
    2. Which day is bus in operation,local bus or run by Honda? How much is the bus fare?
    3. Please guide us how to take cheaper trains than shinkansen.
    4. How much is the cost of rental cars?

    Thank you.

    Pauline Ching

    • Reply
      Honda-Museum February 28, 2015

      Dear Pauline

      you don´t need to take the Shinkansen, regular trains will also go from Tokyo to Utsunomiya Station but it will take longer of course.
      Information on the Bus can be found here: (only in japanese but you can use google chrome browser to translate it).
      It is about 35km from from Utsunomiya Station to the Honda Collection Hall, but as you can split the bill between 7 people it might be an option.
      More information can be found on the official website: (it also provides a telephone number that you can call for further questions)

      best regards

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