Honda RS750D – Flat Tracker

The RS750D was purpose-built to win the AMA flat track series – and challenge the until then dominant Harley-Davidson XR750’s. Making its first entry in 1983, the Honda flat tracker won the championship the following year. With a total of five titles the RS750 left an outstanding mark in American flat track racing history.

Flat track has a long tradition in American motorcycle racing. Events are held at oval-shaped dirt tracks which are raced in a counter-clockwise direction. The RS750 flat tracker was developed and created by Honda America. It was basically hand-built around the engine of the XLV750R, a dual-sport bike sold in Europe at the time. Added were a massive aluminium oil sump, two Mikuni flat-slide carburetors and K&N open pod air filters. The bike received an extra-wide swingarm, able to accommodate a bigger rear tire and footpeg locations that suit the left-turn-only nature of flat track racing.

Fighting tough battles against the omnipresent XR-750 Harleys, the RS750 won its first race at the 1983 Du Quoin Mile. Ricky Graham took the title for Honda the following year with just a single point over his team-mate Bubba Shobert. Subsequently Shobert won the Championship in the following 3 years in 1985, ´86 and ´87. With four consecutive titles won, the Honda factory team oficially departed from the AMA fat track series. Ricky Graham, however, continued racing the RS750 as a privateer and won another title in 1993.

1984 Honda RS750D AMA Flat Track


  • Type of engine: Air-cooled 4-stroke V-Twin engine (4-Valve OHC)
  • Engine displacement: 768.55 ccm
  • Maximum power: 100.5 PS / 8500rpm
  • Maximum torque: 9.1kgm / 6,500rpm
  • Transmission: 4-Speed
  • Suspension: telescopic fork, Pro-Link rear suspension

1984 Honda RS750D AMA Flat Track

1984 Honda RS750D AMA Flat Track

1984 Honda RS750D AMA Flat Track

1984 Honda RS750D AMA Flat Track

1984 Honda RS750D

1981 Honda NS750

Track record of the Honda RS750D at the AMA Flat Track Grand National Championship Series

  • 1984: 1st place, Ricky Graham
  • 1985: 1st place, Bubba Shobert
  • 1986: 1st place, Bubba Shobert
  • 1987: 1st place, Bubba Shobert
  • 1993: 1st place, Ricky Graham


The Honda RS750D is located on the third floor of the Honda Collection Hall.

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