Honda NSR500 (2001)

With more than 100 wins to its credit the Honda NSR500 is the most successful racing bike in modern Grand Prix history. Almost two decades of racing experience, painful failures and enormous amounts of money are contained in this motorbike – which paid off in no less than a total of ten GP world titles.

Built by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) the NSR500 was originally debuted in 1984 for the motorcycle Grand Prix 500cc class. The NSR was continuously improved and evolved into a legend in the 1990’s when it won the title six times in a row. At the 2001 Japan GP this machine – ridden by Valentino Rossi – accomplished Honda’s 500th GP victory since first competing in GP racing in 1961. In the same year the Honda factory team (under direction of the Australian chief mechanic Jeremy Burgess) won both, the Rider’s and the Manufacturers Championships. The following season a few NSR500 were competing against the 4-stroke racers in the newly established MotoGP class. At this point HRC was already working on the sucess of its new GP racer: the RCV211.

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi


  • Type of engine: Liquid cooled 2-stroke V4, 112° cylinder angle
  • Engine displacement: 499ccm
  • Bore / Stroke: 54×54,5mm
  • Four Keihin carburators, case reed valve intake, electronic exhaust control
  • Maximum power: 200PS / 13.500rpm
  • Brakes: 320mm dual carbon front disk brakes, 195mm rear disk brake
  • Suspension: 46mm Showa upside-down fork and Showa shock absorber
  • Wheelbase: 1400mm, 16.5″ Magnesium wheels
  • Fuel capacity: 32 liters
  • Dry weight: 131kg

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 Honda NSR500 Valentino Rossi

2001 NSR500 (Valentino Rossi), 2002 NSR500 (Alex Barros), 2003 RC211V (Valentino Rossi)

Track record of the NSR500 at the 500cc Grand Prix World Championships:

  • 1984: 4th place, Freddie Spencer
  • 1985: 1st place, Freddie Spencer
  • 1986: 2nd place, Wayne Gardner
  • 1987: 1st place, Wayne Gardner
  • 1988: 2nd place, Wayne Gardner
  • 1989: 1st place, Eddie Lawson
  • 1990: 3rd place, Mick Doohan
  • 1991: 2nd place, Mick Doohan
  • 1992: 2nd place, Mick Doohan
  • 1993: 3rd place, Daryl Beattie
  • 1994: 1st place, Mick Doohan
  • 1995: 1st place, Mick Doohan
  • 1996: 1st place, Mick Doohan
  • 1997: 1st place, Mick Doohan
  • 1998: 1st place, Mick Doohan
  • 1999: 1st place, Àlex Crivillé
  • 2000: 2nd place, Valentino Rossi
  • 2001: 1st place, Valentino Rossi
  • 2002: 8th place, Loris Capirossi
    (Team mate Alex Barros started the season on NSR500, but switched to the RC211V in late 2002 and finished 4th overall)


The Honda NSR500 (2001) is located on the third floor of the Honda Collection Hall.

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    Alexander| November 18, 2015

    hola quisiera saber las especificaciones de la honda nsr500 de 1986 y 1987 porfa.
    una consulta que neumatico usa en esos años la nsr 500

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    tim July 14, 2015

    Under ‘specifications’:

    Maximum power: 200PS / 135000rpm

    should be

    Maximum power: 200PS / 13500rpm


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      Honda-Museum July 14, 2015

      of course, thanks!

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